Mapped: Who Consumes the Most Beer in Canada?

The Business Insider this morning  posted a map that shows Alcohol Consumption, Per Capita for a number of different countries (Data collected by the World Health Organization (WHO.) I wondered what the Canadian context in… Continue reading

Lets Build a Global Mbira Community Map

Mbira music is at a crucial turning point as the internationalization of Zimbabweans and Zimbabwean music continues.  The mbira has now spread to many parts of the world and many non- Zimbabwean mbira… Continue reading

U.S Airways Centre : A Vibrant Downtown Arena ? Talk to me Edmonton..

The picture is not the greatest (taken quickly off my phone), but it makes the point. I spent my Wednesday evening in a fairly vibrant Irish bar called the “Tilted Kilt” in downtown… Continue reading

Running is my drug

People have many different coping mechanisms for dealing with stress.  I remember once cutting of my afro after a bad break up (don’t laugh) in my teens. Some people turn to “comfort foods”… Continue reading

Pretty, Intelligent & Talented.I do a Good Drake..I’m an Asian Girl in Cardiff

..when it comes to being accepted as just another member of the Cardiff society, maybe even a potential candidate to ask out on a date when you’re out at the pub, Asian doesn’t… Continue reading

Different Shades of Rain

  “When it is time to move, the settlers are simply rallied by a chairman who informs them, or sometimes, asks them to choose from a few options -where they will go next…” … Continue reading

“Navigating Marginalization: Youth and Women in Ghana and Tunisia” by Wadzanai Motsi

  Wadzanai Motsi is a alumni of Grinnell College, where she studied International Relations. She was awarded a prestigious $25,000 Watson Fellowship for one year of independent study and  travel abroad. Wadzi is… Continue reading

Sounds of Fridays: John Jenkins’ Small Town Revival in Banff, Alberta

What happens when you go wandering around on vibrant streets of Banff Avenue in the late hours of the night..looking for somewhere to have some good food and some good wine and you… Continue reading

A Modernist Stamp On An Industrial Landscape

Close to a thousand people are greeted by this face everyday. This face, a modernist stamp, a much needed aesthetic on an otherwise industrial looking background. Dense housing full with the working class,… Continue reading


Take a look and completely absorb what you see: Yellow fields and big blue skies ? Tell me what do you see –  Do you notice me?  Big wide roads for big wide… Continue reading