What Where You Live Can Say About You, Suburbia & Third Places: Edmonton A.M Interview

CBC’s Edmonton AM has been running a great series this summer called “the burbs” during which journalists like Adrienne Lamb visited Edmonton’s great sprawling neighbourhoods and talked to people about what they like and what they don’t like about suburbia. It was a celebration of suburbia , if anything.  While I haven’t been following this series as much as I would have loved to, the CBC contacted the City Region Studies Centre to get some academic perspective with respect to life in suburbia. With most people out of the office, as the research assistant present, I took on the challenge and met up with Adrienne Lamb and fielded some of her questions: Edmonton AM : The Burbs

It turns out some of the recreational facilities in the suburbs are turning out to be quite the vibrant places in these neighbourhoods. Check out the round-up of this series: on CBC’s Edmonton A.M website: http://www.cbc.ca/edmonton/features/suburbs/